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Deliver High Power Performance with High Current VAL-U-LOK Connectors

Design engineers choose VAL-U-LOK connectors to achieve manufacturing cost savings without sacrificing on performance. The original VAL-U-LOK connectors are an ideal solution for lower power applications, including small home appliances, control systems, and lighting. To support higher power applications, such as power systems, industrial machinery, major home appliances, and commercial building equipment, TE Connectivity has launched a high current extension of the VAL-U-LOK product line.
Using the same 4.2 mm centerline design that is standard for the VAL-U-LOK connector system, these high current offerings deliver a maximum current rating of 13A, as compared to the 9A rating for legacy VAL-U-LOK products. With a higher current rating and with an equivalent voltage rating, these connectors can deliver more power, while also being backwards compatible with existing VAL-U-LOK housings and application tooling.

These high current connectors are an ideal choice for manufacturers who are currently using VAL-U-LOK products, or similar 4.2 mm centerline connectors, and are looking to design for higher power applications.