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A sound Emilian Company

Ditta Cermasi is a sound Emilian Company, “born and raised” between Modena and Bologna. Still today, despite the progressive growth of our national, European and international market share, most of our revenues come from Emilia Romagna.

Since 1977, year of its launch, Ditta Cermasi’s headquarters is located in the logistic and commercial core of Emilia Romagna: Bologna’s Centergross. This choice has guaranteed significant advantages in terms of synergies with companies of the area, as well as storage, stock and transport costs. It’s our decision and privilege to share this benefits with our Customers, who obtain a considerable economic and logistical advantage.

Electrical components and wires have been our world for over 70 years.

A world that gradually acquired a very advanced technological weight and that expanded to include so much more than conductors: electrical wires, connectors, cables’ terminations initialling and manufacturing. Accessories and power supplies are also part of this expansion, thanks to the diffusion of LED lighting, which we directly supply to lighting system producers and indirectly to installers who buy our products from retailers.
But the evolution of this world was a turbulent one under many aspects, difficult to be interpreted, especially if explored with the eyes of a supplier only. This is why we decided to do otherwise.
Our choice was to pay attention to the industrial and manufacturing development of our Customers in order to understand their needs on the spot. This choice was a rewarding one, as our Customers “guided” our development to better implement our supply for an ever-changing demand. And to keep walking each step beyond our previous possibilities.
For these reasons we started to broaden our supply since the Eighties while preserving our core business – enamelled copper wires for electrical winding . We also managed to expand our core business by adding components for industrial automation, automatic machines, appliances, automotive products, food, ceramic, wood, robotics and LED lighting machines and plants.
A never ending process connected to the altering flux that this sector and its companies experience.

In order to give efficient outcomes to your requests, our supply, consultancy and offer services have been enhanced and made more flexible. Our traditional activities, which we’ve continuously carried out for half a century with high-profile brands such as IRCE (since 1947) and Brady (since 1952), are now flanked by further distribution and storage services for International market leaders such as Brady™, Schlemmer™, TE Connectivity™.
Multinational Corporations severely select their suppliers/agents, setting high service standards and significant purchase volumes. Our credit with such realities was ensured by our participation to KCT Italian-Spanish Consortium, which registered office is still located in our headquarters in Bologna. Thanks to this project we run regular, direct relations with extraordinary international producers (e.g. TE Connectivity).

Efficiency, thoroughness, reliability

Our solid technical expertise, flexibility towards the market, reliability and long-lasting rapport with our customers allow us to deploy products and services all over the world that know no match in terms of efficiency, thoroughness, reliability in the field of wires, connectors and industrial electrical components.

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