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Brady will bemaking updates to B-728 and B-729

In light of the current disruptions across the global supplychain caused by the COVID19 Pandemic, Brady Corporation has been working diligently to reduce our customer’s exposure to potential supply issues.
In an effort to continue providing our customers with the highestperformance materials, Brady will bemaking updates to two of its polyimide materials B728 and B729.

This will be a running transition that is expected to occur beginning of August 2021. Samples of the updated materials are available upon request. Brady understands that changes can be difficult and we are committed to a successful transition whileproviding our customers the best products. We have extensively tested the materials in production, die cutting, lab testing and printer testing.

Test results show no differences in performance and havepassed the performance requirements listed on the current technical data sheet. The UL designation does not change for the updated products. We are committed to a successful transition, while providing you the best possible products.