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Dynamic D8000 Series

Dynamic product portfolio is a broad product family that provides connector solutions ranging from signal level circuitry through power circuit connectivity in a ruggedized, industrialized package. Vibration and shock proven, the intelligent audible locking system and unique contact design drive efficiency and long service life through minimizing downtime of your application. The Dynamic D8000 series is a new high current product series which inherit the normal Dynamic features like the audible lock design and crimping contacts. It carries high current (up to 100A) as power supply for industries like BTE, BMS, factory automation, robotics, etc. Wire-to-wire and Wire-to-board options are both available in the new series.

Target Markets

  • Industrial machinery
  • Automation & Control


  • BTE (Battery Test Equipment)
  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Factory Automation
  • Robotics

Key Benefits

  • Saving PCB space by bigger current carry capability per pin
  • Easy install by compact 2-piece connector design
  • High reliability by second lock design

Questions to Ask During Design-In

  • Is a 2 pieces connector required?
  • What type of connection is required, WtW or WtB?
  • What is the required rated current?
  • How many positions does the customer need in the connector?