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Flexible Power Cables for Tight Spots

TE’s range of flexible power cables are designed to be bent and routed in extremely tight areas with no wrinkling or cracking of the insulation, and which help meet the harshest application requirements.

The need for a combination of high-temperature and high-performance in wire insulation has become a critical factor in today’s platforms. TE’s new highly flexible wires, the SHF-260 and FDR25S, provide an exceptional range of properties such as reducing the stress on the contact, and reducing the mating and de-mating forces normally associated with large-shell diameter circular connectors. 

  • All extruded fluoropolymer based insulation system
  • Outstanding chemical and fluid resistance when tested to SAE-AS-22759/41
  • Corona resistant when tested to ASTM D1868
  • Arc track resistant to the current SAE-AS-22759 specification