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Raychem Cat 5e Ethernet Cables

TE Connectivity’s (TE) Raychem Cat 5e Ethernet Cables are designed to provide high performance, rugged, lightweight, reliable constructions that can handle speeds up to

1 Gb/s. TE utilizes foamed low loss fluoropolymer and high-density polyethylene dielectrics coupled with optimized braids and lightweight outer jackets.


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Target Markets

·    Commercial Aerospace

·    Military Aerospace

·    Marine

·    Ground Defense

·    Ethernet for any marine, ground or aerospace applications.
Key Benefits

·    Lightweight for ease of termination

·    Flexible 7 and 19 stranded conductors for easy installation

·    Shielded and jacketed for improved EMI protection

·    1000 Mb/s speeds

Questions to Ask During Design-In

·    In what application will this be used?

·    What temperatures will the cable be exposed to?

·    What type of shielding is required?

·    Do you require special lengths?

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