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New MAG-MATE Terminals Accept Fine Aluminum and Copper Magnet Wires

TE Connectivity introduces six new MAG-MATE terminals for fine aluminum and copper magnet wire sizes, adding to the capabilities of the existing product portfolio. As with other MAG-MATE terminals, they utilize insulation displacement connection (IDC) technology to provide a clean, stable, metal-to-metal interface without requiring pre-stripping of the magnet wire.
The new terminals can accept aluminum magnet wire from 33-27 AWG (0.18-0.36 mm dia) or copper magnet wire from 34-28 AWG (0.16-0.32mm dia). These are 187 box MAG-MATE terminals for standard cavity size 1.
These terminals offer two different styles of input/output connection. One is a solder post terminal for PC board mounting. The other is a 110 series FASTON tab for lead wire connection. Each style is offered with three different wire slots to accommodate specific ranges of wire size.
Applications include motor windings and connections, coil connections, transformer windings and connections, bobbin connections, lighting ballasts, power supplies and more across various industries.
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