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TE Connectivity Price Change Notification

TE Connectivity (TE) will be implementing a price change across all regions effective July 1, 2024, for all Authorized TE Distributors. This communication is to provide you the details.

To assist your review of changes to specific parts or product lines implemented since the last published Price List, please reference the coding and filters in the TE eCommerce website under “Price Book Download.” In the “Price Changes” section, apply a filter on the letters: R, A, I, D, or a specific TE Business Unit (BU). Additional details are provided beneath this message including the date that the price files will be available for download, as well as purchase order and price protection cut-off dates.

Due to potential capacity constraints, purchase orders received after the date of this notification and before the price change effective date may be subject to volume restrictions prior to acceptance by TE.

We appreciate your understanding and continued partnership. If you have any questions, please contact us